Coming in 2018

Just Imagine

Unstoppable Conference 2015 292

You enter the beautiful conference room, ready for three days together with other business women, investing in yourself in order to better serve in the marketplace. Yet, something seems . . . different.

These women aren’t in stuffy business attire or sporting an “all business” attitude.

These women are smiling and engaged because they know what’s coming. They know for the next three days, they simply get to BE! Remove the hats, the masks, the compartmentalization. They won’t have to shove their Faith to the background or apologizes for their marketplace calling. For three days you and these women will be United! You will embrace your anointing by God for marketplace ministry – to buy, sell, create, serve and love – all at the same time, with complete authenticity and freedom.

Just Imagine . . . being ONE of them!

Are you ready to DREAM BIG in Him?

We have positioned this conference to address you as the whole woman - JOIN US and see what God has in-store for you!!