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Linda Clemons

Linda Clemons 150Linda Clemons

Sisterpreneur, Inc.

Linda Clemons is one of the most respected sales and body language experts in the world today. She is the CEO of Sisterpreneur, Inc., and international business organization to empower and enrich women entrepreneurs.

Her extensive mastery of non-verbal communication has assisted many individuals in achieving personal and professional success. With a global clientele and audiences to include federal and state governmental agencies such as the White House, US Customs Dept., and the FBI. Others include Major League Baseball, Southwest Airlines, MGM, Nestle, countless hotels and resorts around the world as well as fortune 500 companies.

Often known as the “Queen of Networking,” Linda has encouraged others to become masters of their destiny through the art of networking. Participants in her networking sessions have generated over seven million dollars in sales and counting, and her work with entrepreneurs and salesforces throughout the country has allowed Linda to make achievers of those who are willing to learn.

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