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Lori Etchison

Lori Etchison

I just have to say that our Unstoppable Conference truly IS the best conference I have ever attended. I have been to many conferences and women’s retreats. We have had major spiritual breakthroughs and bonding etc. You know, you have been to them too. But ladies, do you see, can you feel, the ANOINTING on this conference? The conference itself is UNSTOPPABLE! We are all STILL processing, growing, and changing from what took place here. We have all bonded with our speakers, Kerri Kenyon, Julie Ziglar Norman, Cheryl A. Pullins, Diane Cunningham, Audrey L Godwin and Amari like no other conference. The intimacy that took place here, the speakers who attended as one of us, the worship that bonded us together, the vision of Stephanie¬† Sherwood and Barbara Wilber, and the way that GOD HIMSELF knitted it all together and filled the room with His presence; all of this contributed to making this a Living God ever unstoppable conference. WHOO!!! Is it 2013 yet?

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