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Donna Gamache

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Donna Gamache Global

Donna Gamache has started and owned several businesses over the past couple of decades. She is most proud of the work she does with women, teaching them to embrace who they are from the inside out so they are confident and content. This confidence helps women take their career or business to the next level. Donna loves helping uncover what holds them back and then helps them match their look (outside) to who they are on the inside.

Donna is a speaker, author and image strategist. It truly isn’t about fashion for her, it is about defining a woman’s personal style so she walks taller and is super confident in how she presents herself in business. Donna combines her personal experiences as an image consultant, boutique owner, representative for 3 designer lines of clothing and the work she has done with executive men and women to help entrepreneurs and professionals define their personal style so they are authentic and magnetic to prospects and clients. She has 2 published books and is working on her 3rd book, “Flaws In All”. Donna directed an international women’s networking group for six years and is currently directing a national women’s networking group, The Tapestry Network in St. Louis. She truly believes in the power of collaboration to grow and sustain business. Donna had her own radio show for over three years called the Gamache Panache radio show where she interviewed women business owners. You can still listen to the archives on

Workshop Topic: 3 Steps to Becoming the Confident Woman You Pretend To Be

Why do we pretend to be someone else? What makes us think we are not good enough the way God created us? We may think it is better to act like someone who “seems” to have their act together but the reality is God created us all uniquely for a reason. Trying to be someone else never serves us well.

  • Uncover how your thoughts keep you from being your best self.
  • Learn how to shed the masks you wear that keep you from being your unique self.
  • Discover your personal style and how to reflect it to make the best first impression.


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