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Lori Etchison

Lori ELori Etchison

Int’l Ministries Missions 2 Africa, Inc. 501c3

Lori Etchison is a well-respected international speaker with a nurturing spirit and fierce personality. She has the keen ability to both woo you and drive you. Her heart bursts to guide you to a place of trust, encouraging you to step out into the unknown, and discover the fullness of your God-given potential. She empowers and inspires action in vision-minded women by recognizing and developing hidden skills and desires. She finds fulfillment in equipping you with the confidence and support necessary to take courageous action toward personal transformation!

Lori draws from her own life experiences of being a victim of child abuse, living on the streets, running in the hardcore biker lifestyle, losing her identity to obesity, and later working to discover her life’s balance between who she was and who she is in Christ. She rediscovered her strength and purpose when she bravely stopped seeking the approval of others, and stepped out in faith to be all God destined. Her life transforming and transparent stories are shared through workshops, retreats, and speaking engagements, and are guaranteed to challenge you and bring you to discover the newness of life that awaits, if you dare to take action.

Lori’s passion is paralleled through her 501c3 charitable organization, Missions 2 Africa, Inc., developing the potential of her T.E.A.M. (Train, Equip, Advance, Mentor) members through short-term, life-changing mission trips; leading teams to remote villages throughout West Africa sharing the love of Jesus through preaching, education, feeding programs, school development, and more. Together with Missions 2 Africa, she offers college scholarships to young adults, and plans to build a vocational training school centrally located near remote villages in Ghana.

Teaming up with Lori will empower you to become more than you ever dreamed possible to achieve!

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