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The Tapestry Network

Tapestry_FF-LPTThe Tapestry Network is open to ALL women called into the marketplace. You may own a business, work for a business, or be formulating a plan to start a business – in all those ways you are in the marketplace. The Tapestry Network is here to serve you & assist you by connecting you to other like-minded business women in our community. While The Tapestry Network is a Christian organization we are OPEN to share the sisterhood with any woman that is interested in being in community. You might be a mature Christian, a new Christian, somewhere in between, a woman not ready to go to a church building or a woman interested in learning what a personal relationship with Jesus might be…. We welcome YOU to come and GROW in your FATIH and your BUSINESS. As we say – COME AND GET TAPPED-IN!!!

The Tapestry Network is a transformational community of Christian businesswomen that creates a safe and supportive environment where women can grow. Through a variety of programs you have access to high quality resources that enhance your business and spiritual growth so you can be successful in life and business.


  • The Tapestry Network provides fellowship, as well as, educational and spiritual enrichment through local chapters, weekly podclasses, mastermind groups, teleseminars and conferences. 
  • The Tapestry Network is a comprehensive solution for the spiritual, business and fellowship needs of the Christian businesswoman. 
  • Tapestry members enjoy an expanded network, supportive community of Tapestry sisters, growing strength and enrichment in life, Spirit and business.

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We have positioned this conference to address you as the whole woman - JOIN US and see what God has in-store for you!!